How to feel inspired (2 min. read)

There are moments in life where we feel inspired and want to share all our lessons and creativity with the world.  More and more, studies show that inspiration coupled with creativity, lead to a greater fulfilled life.  Inspiration stands side by side with creativity because when we are inspired, we become creative whether in our jobs, hobbies, ideas etc and vice versa when we are creative, we get more and more inspired.

Yet many of us avoid inspiration because we get scared about putting ourselves out there, or we get caught up in life’s mundane tasks to avoid being different, or we don’t feel good enough, or better put…we use every excuse in the book not to be inspiring because then all  eyes are on us and that is just way to scary!

But to embrace inspiration means that we give into life and this ultimately brings us closer to our truths (that part of us that is our core and allows us to positively contribute to the world and feel good) so we must do everything to seek out things in the world that bring out our inspiration.

So if we know that inspiration is good for us but still subconsciously avoid it, what can we do to bring out inspiration?

  1. Get outside! Nothing will bring about ideas as surrounding ourselves with nature. Sunshine, blue skies, green landscapes, colourful leaves in the winter… how can we not look around and ponder life’s meaning?
  2. Find an uplifting book.  For inspiration to occur within us, we need to read stories of perseverance and advice on real life problems to whatever we feel is our obstacle because literature can offer up solutions that we never have thought about before.  At the end of an inspiring book, we should want to change our life and make a difference.
  3. Surround ourselves with inspiring people.  Misery loves company so the opposite can be said for inspiration too.  When we are near someone who is doing amazing things, yes maybe a part of us is slightly jealous at first, but if we allow ourselves to move past this feeling, we can use this person as a role model for ourselves.  When we feel others passion, we are influenced to seek the same for ourselves so we should never put anyone down for their pursuits, but instead should listen attentively and pay attention to how they do it.
  4. Try different things that could potentially lead you to feel inspired.  So since inspiration and creativity are linked… painting, drawing, writing, sculpting, cooking, dancing, singing, colouring, building, crafting, photography are just some activities that allow for our minds to become de-cluttered and let ideas flow in.
  5. Once that feeling of inspiration comes, grasp it with both hands.  There are so many reasons that we can say to ourselves about not following through with ideas but when we actually do something that comes from being inspired, there is no one who ever says that they regret trying.  There are so many cliche sayings about…it is better to have tried then never have tried at all.  To further reiterate this point are examples of people who were interviewed on their death bed and their biggest regret was stopping themselves from pursuing their dreams.  We should all learn from these people!

The take away from all this…we need to give in to our inspiration and if the only thing that stands in our way is our fear and pride, well then we need to fight these emotions because nothing great has ever happened for someone who allowed their fears or pride to control their lives. We need to do whatever works to feel fully alive.

I hope this post has been inspiring!




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