So Nice to Meet Ya!


I’m so excited that you stumbled upon or sought out my blog.  Something must be shifting inside of you that is calling you to want more for yourself and I applaud you for having the courage to seek answers and for wanting to surround yourself with happiness, love, and all things positive.

In case someone forgot to tell you along the way… YOU are Destined for Greater Things and yes, YOU can move your life forward to success (be that in relationships, career, lifestyle, your thoughts, or attitude).

Sure life can be hard, days can feel terrible, and maybe you’ve even been kicked down a few times, but guess what, you’re still breathing and I just know that there’s more that you can offer to yourself and the world.   It’s time to silence out the noise and find some peace so that YOU can live out your true potential.

But before we dive in, allow me to tell you a little about the blog and myself…

Destined For Greater Things Vision

One day after listening to a podcast about living a life that you’re supposed to be living, I asked myself the question, am I truly offering everything that I have to this world?  The answer…I could do better.  Then this strong desire to do something more (to share in life with others) came over me and well when this urge comes on, you can choose to ignore it, be afraid of it, or just give into it, and I chose to surrender to the feeling.

But taking action is not as simple as a thought, I needed to keep asking questions. What can I do? So I started to take inventory of my life and thought about what drives me, what is it that makes me feel passionate?  What can I offer? What immediately came to mind is that I love to help people and being described as optimistic, bubbly, and resilient, I found my answer.

It became clear to me that what I could offer is a self-growth space for someone who wants to better their life; or is feeling down, discouraged, confused, alone; or simply for someone who wants a place where they can land to feel inspired.  I decided to build a space where I could share my knowledge of information (based on tons of readings, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts) about health, mindfulness, fitness, and I could provide a general inspiration of how to’s that have worked for me in moving my life forward to success.  Fueled by my love of writing, I decided that a blog would be just right and that perhaps there is someone out there who could benefit from what I had to share.  Maybe that someone is YOU.

The statement “Destined for Greater Things” came to me about three years ago when I was driving and I started to go down that slippery slope of self-pity.  Being in the thick of a difficult time in my life, I felt hopeless and started to analyze my mistakes, but then my inner voice (you know that voice inside your head that can be good and bad) broke in and yelled, “Stop! You’re destined for greater things, enough of this”, and I was jolted back.  Since that moment, I realized that the statement, “Destined for Greater Things” is quite powerful and it has become what you can call my mantra for moving my life forward.   I hope this statement is also what YOU begin to hear in your thoughts and truly come to believe it.

My Story of Destined For Greater Things

Having been born in a small town in Poland (the town is so small that you can literally walk it in half an hour), and immigrating to Canada with my family at the age of seven, I learned early on that you can change your circumstances at any moment despite the seeming impossible odds.

Growing up, and being an over achiever (proud of it!), I had many successes… some of which included being at the top of my class in high school (even won most social); studying at a top University in Canada; getting hired by an international travel company and moving up to a management position at a young age within that company; and being hired as a teacher by the age of twenty-four even though at the time there were no openings for permanent teaching jobs.  All successes were because I worked hard, had a supportive family that pushed me, people believed in me, but most importantly I believed that I was destined for greater things.  For a moment in time, it seemed like only good things were happening.

That’s not to say that life was picture perfect in those years… my family went through financial stress, I had constant feelings of displacement (you’re not quite sure where you belong), self-doubts, fears, insecurities , are just to name a few.  But I learned strategies (that I want to share) that allowed me to stay optimistic and just keep going.

However, the big test of my strength came when at the age of twenty-eight, even though I had thought that I had done all the “right” things to make myself successful, I found myself divorced and starting over.  I had to face the humbling reality that what goes up could just as easily come down,  but ultimately it is up to me to take control of my life.  I had two choices: give in and wallow or tap into what I know how to do… work hard and learn from the experience to redefine my life.  I chose option two.

For the past few years, I have built my life up again…I dove into what can only be described as a life of self-discovery so that I can come back to the life that I was destined to live.  I explored the world and traveled on two big European trips by myself; moved to a city (Toronto); re-established and created new friendships by putting myself out there; embraced a new lifestyle that includes fitness, healthy eating, meditation, and yoga (if you think you can’t be healthy, believe me I used to be someone who could not understand why people work out); have experienced some love and some love lost (all lessons that got me closer to today) ; and now lead such an active social life (I’ve gone to places and met some interesting people that I could not have even imagined for myself).

I found my zest for life again.  I can say that even when I have bad days and when I get off my path (yup this still happens), I have learned strategies and have tools that bring me back and I continually remind myself that I am destined for greater things.  My greatest hope is that I can use this new life to make a difference and maybe YOU can benefit because I too have been there when times are tough, but I learned and am still learning tools (we’ll do it together) to move life forward to success.

So with any luck, YOU will use this blog to feel encouraged, supported, find tools that you can use, and start thinking BIG for yourself.

Always remember, you’re destined for greater things

With love,